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ClanStore Resources Generator the first Clash of Clans Resource Generator. Now for iPhone and Android

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About The Tool

Clash of Clans Store is one of the best resources generator you can use in these days, It was released on 17 December 2016. In this Clash of Clans Trick Tool you have 4 different resources to boost, Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. ClanStore Resources Generator can be used on any mobile phone or tablet with any operating system Android, iOS or Windows Phone. This trick tool is the first resources generator that use data encryption which highly recommended to avoid ban your account. Simply enter your base ID as shown in this example and hit generate to start the generator, you'll see that the script start fetching for your account ID in order to boost your gems and other resources. Then you'll be noticed that's there is two steps verification the first is sharing the tool in the social media and the second is an anti-spam verification you can easily bypass this by completing one of the provided surveys or offers which pretty easy to accomplish. Finally go to your village and enjoy your boosted resources!

With ClanStote

Tool you can boost unlimited base's resources but it's recommended to use it two or three times a day with long time range to avoid any suspension or account ban. Be the first one who use it and challenge your friends, you can also share it with your clan teammate to increase you chance to win clans wars.

How can I use it?

Well, for the use process you should first enter your base ID and hit generate than complete the two steps verification to confirm that we are not facing spam via one of our trusted sponsors since we don't allow people to use it the specious ways due to our Terms of Use. To confirm that simply do what the offer ask you, fill a form, enter your email address or submit your mobile phone number, after you completing doing that your generated resources will be added to your account automatically, if not please give it 5 - 10 minutes to do so, otherwise repeat the process. That's all, and now you'll get high amount of resources on your base and start clashing!

Most asked questions

Can I usr it more then one? Absolutely yes, but be sure that you have a good stand time range between each try.
Can I share the tool in my clan? Yes, you can share it with your teammate but just tell them too google the term "ClanStore" and they will find the tool asap!.
What operating system can be used on? This free resources generator can be used on any device with any operating system.
How much it take to complete the verification process? Well, it's depending on the offer you choosed, but usually it take less then 10 minutes.
Why others says that this tool is fake and not working? They say that because they failed to complete the verification steps and they are too lazy to do.
Why you requiring the survey to get the resources? As we said before, this is the only way that we can avoid spam since we don't allow spam our tool.


Maintenant, vous pouvez générer des ressources gratuits pour Clash of Clans, sans aucune restriction, après la sortie de SuperCell enfin une version idéale pour les utilisateurs mobiles. La procédure est peut compliqué et vous avez besoin d'un patience pour la terminé, mais il est cause logique ClanStore ressources générateur ont beaucoup de composants et d'énormes fichiers système qui nous permettent de fonctionné dans la meilleure condition. Pour le utilisé simplement vous choisissez la Base ID que vous avez puis compléter la vérification en faisant une offre gratuite, et BOOM, nous vous l'envoyons les ressources sur votre compte. Générer Maintenant!


Ahora usted puede generar recursos libres para el choque de clanes sin restricción alguna, después de la liberación de SuperCell, finalmente, un versión ideal para los usuarios móviles. El procedimiento es complicado y es posible que tenga una paciencia hasta el final, pero es lógico porque ClanStore recursos que generan tienen muchos componentes y archivos del sistema enormes que nos permiten trabajar en las mejores condiciones. Para utilizar sólo tiene que seleccionar el ID de la base de que, a continuación, complete la auditoría al hacer una oferta gratuita, y BOOM, le enviamos los recursos en su cuenta. Generar Ahora!


Nu kunt u gratis middelen te genereren voor Clash of Clans zonder beperking, na de release van SuperCell eindelijk een ideale versie voor mobiele gebruikers. De procedure is ingewikkeld en je kan een geduld om de finish nodig hebben, maar het is logisch omdat ClanStore middelen genereren hebben veel onderdelen en de enorme systeembestanden die ons in staat stellen om te werken in de beste conditie. Om gebruik te maken selecteert u de Base-ID dat je dan de controle te voltooien door het maken van een vrijblijvende offerte, en BOOM, sturen wij u de bronnen op uw account. Genereer Now!

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